Our Story

Laura and Bryan are the proud founders of Juicy Worldwide, a network of lifestyle, product, experience and travel websites. We sincerely hope that our joy of researching and trying things out make your life even better!


I’ve been building websites since 1999 and designing graphics since 1984. I’ve seen technology evolve to allow anyone to create a website and multitudes wonderful resources for graphics sprout up and grow wings. I find building web sites to be like making your own lemonade stand online. It’s so much fun! The tools available now make it doable for absolutely anyone to build their own site and share their vision, their words, their products, their lives, their receipies, their business offerings…anything and everything!

Personally, I’m a big fan of WordPress and have been since they launched. The platform allows for people of all skill levels to do pretty amazing things without a developer if they so choose. Plugins range from free to a serious investment and can make pretty much anything happen for you with some patience and willingness to learn. I share my experience with the plugins and graphic resources which I’ve found to be the best after trying literally thousands of plugins and resources for graphics. I beta test for plugins and have tried hundreds I discard for lack of joy. The ones I’ve found that work well and have decent or superlative support are those that get to stay in my toolbox. 

I helped launch a brick and mortar travel agency in Berkeley, CA in 1987 with my Mom. It allowed me the opportunity to travel the world and come back with in-depth knowledge of locations to share with our clients. I launched JuicyHotels.com and JuicyTravels.com in 2005. I am in love with nice hotels and exploring the world. I LOVE it. I also love being able to share what I’ve found to be special and worth your consideration to visit. 

I was an attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area for 15 years. It turned out that the part I really liked was research. I think it’s fun to dig down and around a topic and come up with the answer. I’ve carried that joy of research into developing websites to share my findings on everything from travel and special hotels to products, services and projects I find interesting. As an attorney, I was doing it to serve clients. As co-CEO of Juicy Worldwide I do it for FUN. So. Much. Fun.

I grew up in Berkeley, CA and raised my two boys in San Francisco. I’ve lived in many cool places including Boston, Austin, Los Angeles, Honolulu and Dallas. Bryan and I spent a year plus on the road in an Airstream exploring places to live and play. When COVID hit, that plan didn’t make as much sense as so much was suddenly shut down. It was time to find a place to settle down.

We landed in the foothills of Northern California on a 5 acre property with views of the beautiful surroundings, a fruit orchard, veggie garden and literally hundreds of fun projects to play with. We are having so much fun researching and plotting our property projects, hotels, travels to come and products which make our lives more fun. We both love to research products, projects, places, businesses and more which has become the evolving network of Juicy Worldwide websites.

Laura & Bryan also work in aviation, helping future and active professional pilots navigate their career paths. 

We do make commissions on affiliate sales to fund our research and findings to share with you. That being said, we only recommend things we truly believe in and feel warrants your consideration to experience in your life. Feedback is always welcome. Photos of how you are using something or which room you love in a hotel are always welcome and appreciated! Please send anything you want to share via our “Share it with Us!” page.


Bryan began his love for aviation as the son of USAF parents stationed in Frankfurt, Germany. He grew up in Montana where he served as a helicopter rappeller with the U.S. Forest Service executing air attack operations in the wildland fire community for many years. He continued his career in aviation riding as Chief of Party for wildland fire reconnaissance. 

He remained close to aviation pursuits after leaving the U.S. Forest Service, collaborating with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks biologists on aerial surveys of Elk and Wolf habitat, while pursuing University degrees in Montana. Bryan’s education includes a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and an M.S. in Public Administration from from Montana State University-Bozeman.  Bryan is an aspiring private pilot himself and brings a unique perspective of integrating the business of professional pilot careers to the practical application of wheels up.

He is an amazing researcher and project enthusiast. We make a great team and have a lot of fun in everything we do, try, test, share, build and experience!